Fondation Lorquet pour une Nouvelle Haïti

Hello to each of you my Dear Colleagues ,

I would like to thank all the members of the Board of Directors of the Fondation Lorquet pour une Nouvelle Haïti (FOLONHA), who took part this Friday 30 June 2017 in our meeting of work and exchanges to discuss around The positive advancement of this prestigious institution.

Agenda of the meeting of Friday 30 June 

– Greetings of use

– Words of welcome

– Pray

– Exchanges with Polish journalist Krzysztof SZYBINSKI

– Around the summer camp project

– Around the process of legalization

– The FOLONHA Website

– Other Projects

– Question of general interest

– Concluding remarks

– Pray

  Location: Hotel Le Marcelin Inn

Time: 5 h 30 p.m

As announced the meeting for this Friday scheduled at 5:30 pm at the Marcelin Inn, Marcelin Street (Port-au-Prince) did take place as agreed. It had started at the indicated time with the presence of the following members: JoelLORQUET, Amos CINCIR, Jeeph SERGILLES, Ruth CADET and Jacquelin LIRISEMOND. As announced, the meeting was marked by the presence of the Polish journalist Krzysztof SZYBINSKI and his wife Elisabeth and a member of the community of Cazale.

The meeting, which lasted 2 hours 40 minutes, started with discussions between Joel LORQUET, Jacquelin LIRISEMOND, AMOS CINCIR and the Polish journalist Krzysztof SZYBINSKI with his wife Elisabeth. Then with the words of prayers executed by Jacquelin LIRISEMOND, Project Manager. Afterwards, the Polish Journalist talked to us about the projects he intends to do in Haiti. In his remarks Mr SZYBINSKI said that the Polish Foundation which offers donated bridges in Poland is the largest foundation, which has many manufactures making bridge throughout the world. To consolidate the ties between Haiti and Poland, Krzysztof SZYBINSKI – a Haitian enthusiast – who visits the country each year wants to start the partnership by finding ways to offer a small bridge to Cazale, a region of Haiti devoted to the descendant Polish.

Krzysztof SZYBINSKI wants the Fondation Lorquet pour une Nouvelle Haïti (FOLONHA) to send a formal letter to solicit this bridge and the Association of Poland in Poland will prepare the project with all those who need it as logistics, transport costs of the materials By sea to Haiti, etc. The FOLONHA must also exchange with the Minister of the Interior of Haiti to obtain an authorization and thereafter to exchange with the Mayor of Cabaret for the followings within the framework of this project without forgetting the local actors. Note that we will receive the bridge but the procedures for clearance and installation costs will be at our expense (Haiti). If all the steps are going well, the bridge equipment should be received by November 2017 at the latest.

 Still in the context of this exchange, there was talk of strengthening the ties of friendship between Haiti and Poland where FOLONHA together with Polish journalist Krzysztof SZYBINSKI will act jointly on a whole project:

  • Bringing the President of Poland, Andrzej Sebastian DUDA, to Haiti,
  • Organize a prospecting mission in Haiti with Polish businessman
  • See how trade links could be developed by exporting apples from Poland to Haiti, and mango from Haiti to Poland
  • See also how to grant Polish government scholarships to Haitians
  • Facilitate exchanges by bringing ten Polish children to Haiti each year and, in return, allow a dozen Haitian children to visit Poland, a project to be coordinated by the Lorquet Foundation for a New Haiti.
  • Lastly, there was talk of organizing the next summer camp of 2018 in Cazale with the support of the Polish journalist Krzysztof SZYBINSKI and his partners.

Secondly, in order to respect the agenda, there was talk of discussing the summer camp project. After trade, it was decided to reduce activity between two and three weeks, as the financial resources we have are not reasonable. Speaking at the meeting Jeeph SERGILLES indicated that he had already started working on the activity timeline, the registration form and the speakers. As a result, Jeeph SERGILLES will be the project manager. And Jacquelin LIRISMOND will be the pedagogical director. They will have to meet this week with the various actors involved in this project. Another point, during the meeting, Mr. Lorquet, allowed us to exchange on the phone with one of the executives of Operation Blessing (OB), who can offer us food for the children. The letter should be returned in English as the director is a foreigner. A letter should also be sent to Bishop Oge BEAUVOIR of Food For the Poor to find a partnership in terms of food as well. It is imperative that the Council accelerates to realize this project. At the same time, in writing the note, Mr. Lorquet contacted me to inform me that he had an exchange with an evangelical missionary with whom one could associate to include an evangelical component during the camp. Therefore, we should meet this missionary on Wednesday, July 5, 2017, in Port-au-Prince.

Third, discussions centered on the legalization of FONOLHA. After several exchanges, Jacquelin LRISEMOND and Jeeph SERGILLES promised to propose the documents (Status and Constitutive Act) for discussion and correction at the latest, starting Friday, July 7, 2017. This document will be available on Google Drive for correction and discussion. As a result, all members must step up for the next steps to meet deadlines and also make every effort to ensure that FOLONHA is legal.

At the same time, we discussed around the Web site as our last meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday May 31, 2017, where. Jethro SEREME, our technology expert and current FOLONHA a.i Communications Director, said the site will cost a total of US $ 350 including hosting. Wanting to set in motion all the necessary and maximum energies so that the website is operational in the coming days. To this effect, Mr. Lorquet gave his word to begin with the processes.

For questions of general interest, Jeeph SERGILLES made a proposal for a professional videographer and photographer for the activities of the Foundation; And President Amos CINCIR proposed that a GOfundme platform be prepared to raise funds to help children in the next school year. This initiative is expected to be launched by Monday, 3 July 2017. 

  1. Jethro SEREME had notified her in absent because of blood donation for the wife of a friend who should give birth. As for Rosemina PIERRIN and Enomy GERMAIN, we had no motive.

P.S. While waiting to meet Wednesday, July 5 probably at the Marriott Hotel, I must tell you that we should unite all our energy so that our projects in progress are a success. In addition, each member of the FOLONHA must take responsibility and respect their commitment so that we can advance progress in progress with the help of God of course.

It should be noted that this meeting was clearly animated by the ardent desire of each participant to redouble their efforts. The closure of the session was made by the President of the Lorquet Foundation, Amos CINCIR. And the closing by the words of prayer performed by our friend from Cazale.

I wish you good reception, good reading and good work

Receive my sincere greetings and know that I am very proud to collaborate with you because you are inexhaustible potentials that inspire confidence that the country needs you.

Cordially ! Friendly and Fraternally!

Note prepared by Amos CINCIR (President) in the absence of Miss Rosemina Pierrin NOEL, General Secretary of Fondation Lorquet pour une Nouvelle Haïti.

Port-au-Prince, Saturday, July 1, 



27 Mars 1969- 27 Mars 2019

50 ans

8h30- 9h00    : Rassemblement à GRAND CHEMIN (la cour Drouillard).

9h00- 9h30    : Départ de la procession (Marche) vers l’église catholique.

9h30- 10h45  : Célébration Eucharistique.

10h45- 11h00: Marche de l’église vers la place Résistance

11h00- 11h15: La Dessalinienne (Pause de gerbe de fleurs), Arrêt, Recueillement, musique        


11h15- 11h30: Mémorial de l’évènement, Prof Similien Similus

11h30-11h45 : Sketch par un groupe de jeunes du centre culturel de Cazal.

11h45- 11h50: Chant à 27 Mars 1969, Maestro Djoff.

11h50- 12h00: Discours de circonstance, Mr Gelium NONON.

12h00-12h10 : Allocution de DDM-H (Devoir de mémoire) Mme Marie Maguerite Clérié .

12h10- 12h20: Allocution de Jaceck Kolasisnsky.

12h20- 12h30: Position de FOCAL , Réginald Louissaint Junior

12h30-12h35: Position de la Fondation Lorquet.

12h35-1h00  : Témoignages 1) ………………………………………………………………………………………….

                                                   2) ……………………………………………………………………………………………

                                                   3) …………………………………………………………………………………………….

1h00-………….: Propos de remerciement / clôture , lancement du dialogue communautaire.