Dear Friends

We wish Haiti’s independence day.

We ask God to help the political forces in Haiti agree,

that they join efforts to return to working together on order

and the development of Haiti. You have a wonderful country and wonderful people who can afford a lot.

You have what is starting to be lacking in developed countries; faith in God, respect for the Family and cooperation between neighbors.

Let all this translate into the cooperation of the political forces of your homeland.

On January 12, you have the tenth anniversary of the unimaginable earthquake tragedy.

Let this thanksgiving, which is a symbol of your nation’s perseverance, be a day of reconciliation.

May God look after you.

Elizabeth & Christopher


December 31, 2019

On behalf of the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Haiti on the 216th anniversary of your independence.

The story of Haiti’s founding – from a rebellion of the enslaved to the creation of a republic based on democratic principles – is testament to what can be accomplished when people are determined to work together for the greater good.  Haiti’s Independence Day reminds us that greatness is within our reach when citizens and political leaders put their community and their country first.  We hope the New Year will bring all parties together in an inclusive dialogue that ends the political gridlock and results in a government that responds to the pressing needs of the Haitian people.

The ties between the United States and Haiti have grown stronger because of our shared aspirations and the deep connections between the American and Haitian people.

I wish the people of Haiti a happy Independence Day as well as a New Year filled with peace, unity, and progress in solving national challenges.