Our action plan in Cazale for 2022/23

Projects to be continued;

  1. Activities for children CazalePologneTV preparing CazaleNews. In addition to training, this group organizes patriotic celebrations and collects archival materials among the inhabitants of Cazale with Polish roots.
  2. Activities of a group initiating children’s street games and parades.
  3. Continuation of the activity of 2 vocal and dance groups.

A particularly interesting project of learning Polish songs based on the same professional background, in Polish and French.

New projects  2023

  1. Creation of the group “Cook Polish dishes and share them”
  2. Creation of a local multi-transmitter WIFI TV station Cazale. Mobiles and tablets will provide access to the local server resources,will include the CazaleTVPologne archive, materials on the history of Poland and Haiti, and a Polish and English language lesson. The important thing is that the Internet to Cazale will be super slow and very expensive for many years to come. In the first stage, it would be access to computers in schools, and then through purchased mobile devices for others
  3. Assistance in the organization of the Polish Diaspora Association in Cazale, the Polonia – Haiti Foundation and support in projects run by it.
  4. Building a symbol of cooperation between Poles and Haitians initiated by the participation of Poles in the fight for Haitian Independence.After the unveiling of the memorial site of Saint John Paul II / 5/29/20224acting as a symbol
  5. The project of organization of the 2nd Day of Polish Solidarity with the Haitian Polonia.
  6. A project to organize the celebration of the 104 st anniversary of regaining independence by Poland.
  7. Cooperation of two schools in Cazale with two schools in Poland.

At the same time, we wanted to thank you for your help. You
Ambassador from Colombia, Agnieszka Frydrychowicz – Tekieli, under whose jurisdiction we started operating in 2014. We would also like to thank the Ambassador from Panama, Mr. Leszek Biały, under whose jurisdiction we are currently working. Thanks to him, we gain understanding in Poland and among the Polish community around the world for our activities for the benefit of the Forgotten Polonia in Haiti. The effect of this is e.g. a personal letter addressed to us by the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, Stanisław Karczewski.
We would also like to thank Minister Jan Dziedziczak for the fruitful cooperation to which we owe help in the implementation of the project of building a monument which is a symbol of Polish-Haitian cooperation.
An example of great Polish-Haitian cooperation is our long-term implementation of projects from the Repairer of the Breaches School in Cazale, led by the reliable director Derismont Mesius Roobens.

Thank you on behalf of our community group

Christopher & Elizabeth Mission

Our work in other place at CCCC in Cazale