We are asking for the support of Cazale residents, among whom there are Cazalczycy belonging to a forgotten Polonia, whose ancestors helped to win freedom for Haiti. Details of the IP-click collection, and on our blog – click and news on You Tube – click

Journal Le National # 837 /pages 15 and 20/

We met in Cazale – Haiti, on March 27, 2019,

on the 50th anniversary of the murder of the inhabitants of Cazale, on the recommendation of dictator Duvalier on March 27, 1969. Most of the victims had Polish roots.

The first photos from the ceremonyPhotos received from Michelet Altime from Cazale


Below interviews with witnesses of events.
Realization of CazaleTVPologne



Activities of Elizabeth and Christopher Szybiński for the benefit of Cazale residents, many of whom have Polish roots.
Then the creation of the Social Committee for the Support of Polonia Haitańska / day 26/03/2019 /

Here are the important dates from the common history of Haiti and Poland that we managed to reach;
1802 – 1803 – Participation of Polish legionnaires in the fight for the independence of Haiti.
1965 – Squadrons of the death of dictator Haiti Francois Duvalier, carried out the first murders in Cazale.
1969 – Squadrons of the dictator’s death of Haiti Francois Duvalier, murdered 21 Cazale residents
having Polish roots. 1983 – Visit of Pope John Paul II to Haiti and meeting with the inhabitants
1994 – Participation of Polish soldiers from the Grom formation in the stabilization mission in Haiti.
2010 – A terrible quake in Port au Price, which killed over 200,000 people.
One Polish citizen died and an undetermined number of Haitians about Polish roots.
The President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński sent his plane TU154M with gifts for victims
side number 101, piloted by Capt. Arkadiusz Protasiuk.
2015 – Exposition of the Halka opera, by the Grand Theater from Poznań in the Cazale open air.

May 30 – Project „Halka / Haiti 18 ° 48’05” N 72 ° 23’01 „W”
2016 – Launch of private projects for children and youth in Cazale by you
Szybińskich near the parish Saint Michel Archange, where the father is the parish priest
Pascal Renoncourt. These activities are related to sustaining and reviving Polish culture among
Haitians with Polish roots, as well as related projects
with the spread of Polish culture among Haitians, especially among children.
2017 – Celebration of the First Day of Solidarity of Poles with the Polish Community of Haiti in Cazale,
organized by the Szybiński family, in cooperation with the local community, in the parish
Saint Michel Archange on the John Paul II Square
The support was provided by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Colombia, Ms Agnieszka Frydrychowicz-Tekieli.
2018 – unveiling of the obelisk and plaque commemorating the murder of the inhabitants of Cazale, of which
the majority had Polish roots. The ceremony was organized by you
Szybiński standing at the head of the Social Polonia Support Committee
Polonia Haitańska, with a significant participation of the Haitian community.
The ceremony took place on March 27, 2018 at 3:00 PM in Cazale.
The support was provided by the Polish Ambassador in Panama Mr. Leszek Biały.
2018 – / 25 November / Polish Day in Cazale as part of the celebrations of Poland’s 100th anniversary of regaining independence.
will be laying flowers in Cazale under a plaque dedicated to Polish heroes in Haiti and a festive dinner on which
Christopher Szybiński gave lectures on this important anniversary.
We would like to thank all Poles, Haitians and Americans who have given us a helping hand so far and have provided financial support to our current activities.
For now, our work is based on the Spontaneous Community Committee for the Support of the Polish Community of Haiti

Below is our annual report on our active support for Cazale residents v.10.09

C / Report on our activities in Cazale until March 26, 2019
We made the following projects for Cazale with my wife, Elżbieta and my friends, with funds raised among donors. Due to the ending own funds, we had to subsidize some of our costs of staying and using the Internet from these funds.

our blog

Our activities were related to maintaining and reviving Polish culture among Haitians with Polish roots and registering events with Cazale, registering with professional cameras.
B / After the course we organized an online TV with the temporary name of TV Cazale Polonia with the participation of young Cazale residents.
C / We organized in 2017 the First Day of Solidarity of Poles with the Polish Community of Haiti, where the Haitian youth and children sang Polish songs in Polish and danced Polish folk dances.
The accompanying concert took place in the Catholic church of Saint. Michael Archangel at the John Paul II Square in cooperation with the parish priest, father Pascal RENONCOURT.

https://youtu.be/DejgI55mXf0 Idamen

We initiated the first cooperation project between the school in Haiti and Poland.
We dealt with the registration of cultural and educational events that took place at Cazale.
At Community and Cultural Center CCCC
At ISMA Catholic School in Cazale


At Germaine school
https://youtu.be/bsx9LotU2qk (Christopher) *

At Derismond Mesius ROOBENS School
We’ll give you a link to the video soon
F / We also recorded other events at Cazale

The CazaleTVPologne online tv band was registered and assembled.
Unfortunately, during the concert Cazale 2017 and during the recording of video recordings we had amateur audio equipment.
G / This year we installed a commemorative stone and plaque at the place of the tragedy of 1969, which affected the descendants of Polish Polish legionnaires,
This is the first Polish accent funded by Poles and Poles in Haiti.
Finally, after all these years there is a place where you can take flowers.
H / in November 2018 we organized a festive dinner on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, combined with a lecture by Christopher.



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